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Infinite Us

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  1. Because of his upbringing, Nash has never held much of a sense of familial connection, with the exception of his twin sister, Natalie. How different do you think he would have been if he’d grown up with a stable family environment?
  2. There is a divergence in Willow’s and Nash’s worldviews. Would these differences impact how Nash and Willow raised their children? Do you think it impacted their decision to return to the farm?
  3. The issue of race is central to the motivations of various characters in INFINITE US. In your opinion, is the world much changed from Sookie’s time to Nash’s? How are these two time periods alike?
  4. What character impacted you the most?
  5. With what character could you most closely identify?
  6. How did you feel about the slip between time periods and how they are accessed?
  7. What did you dislike about the story? What did you like?
  8. INFINITE US follows characters that are at odds with the world around them (Sookie and Dempsey vs. their families, Isaac and Riley vs. Trent and the Civil Rights-era world they lived in and Nash and Willow and their own personal demons). Do you experience similar issues in your daily life? How do you cope with them?
  9. The past and present are woven throughout the story. What do you think Nash and Willow learned from their families? Do you think they would have had the same connection had it not been for the dreams?
  10. What’s your guess about Roan and his role in each of these couples’ lives? Would there have been a different outcome for Nash and Willow if he had not intervened?